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A lot of collectors of Vintage Photos like to specialize in themes or categories.  This Funny Photo of a man wearing a floppy hat is a good example of an photograph that will fit in several groups.  Obviously, this will fall into the Portrait Photos category.  It also fit into the Funny Photos category due to the fact that this man appears to be acting silly for the camera.

Whatever category you put it in you have to agree that this is a Unique Photograph and I think, for my collection, it will be placed in my Funny Photos box.


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If you enjoy collecting Vintage Photos then I have an original snapshot photograph to share with you today that I believe you will like.  This is an old black & white photo of a cute little boy from 1963.  The look on his face shows pure excitement and happiness.

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Hi Everyone!  I just uploaded this amazing new video and wanted to share it with you.  If you like it please give it a “Thumbs Up” and share it with your friends.  Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay up-to-date.  Thanks for taking a look and talk to you again soon.

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Vintage Photo of Pretty Women in an Old Car.  Black and White Photos 1950s

Here is an amazing Vintage Photo of 3 women having fun in an old car.  This picture is black and white and was taken sometime in the 1950’s.

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Funny Photo - Cute Young Boy Playing with Plunger   Funny Photos - Handsome Man Pulls Pretty Woman Out Of Old Car

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Funny Photo - Man Dressed as a Funny ClownFunny Photo - Group Of People In Halloween Costumes

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Old Photos - Pretty Woman with Old CarsMany people find that Old Photos are an excellent resource when creating different types of arts & craft projects.  If you enjoy designing scrapbooks for yourself, your family and your friends then you should try adding some Old Photos to your next scrapbooking project.  You can create a very unique look that sets your finished projects apart from the rest with just a few quality Old Photos.

Old Photos - Handsome Young Man in Military Uniform

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